Collection of various miscellaneous concept development or personal projects 

Anarchy UK

Concept development on an unannounced project 


Concept development for a USC game development team project

Power of 2

Concept development on an unannounced project 


Early Work

Age 23 – 24

Building illustration portfolio with personal and professional work. During this time I also self taught digital painting using Photoshop 1 and Painter 1, and early animation using MacroMind Director (precursor to Flash). This early combination of digital and traditional skills got me noticed by Naughty Dog founders during initial staffing. 

Age 18 – 22

Parson School of Design, Illustration major (‘91) studies.

Age 15 – 17

In Highschool Michael Whelan’s artwork was one of my earliest influences. Doing painting master studies of his book covers put me on the path I’m on today.