Galahad VR

Kingsman film VR experience in collaboration with FoxNext built in UE4. Given our positive momentum, the Film’s director Mathew Vaughn, requested to revise an early draft of the game’s villain to be the same as first film’s villain, Valentine. The game became an in-canon story chronologically taking place as Valentine’s nefarious backup plan after the first film. With the acquisition of FoxNext by Disney in 2018, FoxNext regrettably opted to pause production at beta completion. 

I was project director, story structure, enemies dialogue writer, game & story consultant to Fox’ screenwriter. I led production & costume design to maintain IP continuity with film and game. As animation director, I prepped mocap shot lists, including wired stunts prep, onset direction, best selects, voice over direction and in-game polish

Below are gameplay captures. Production design images can be seen here

Password for all sequences: Galahad18$

Top 3 clips are speedruns through game.  

“Kill Room” & “Gala Reveal”. In collaboration with Fox writers, I produced and directed both  sequences.  I contracted the film’s motion graphic artist, directed sequence to final. For legal reasons we couldn’t use Samuel Jackson’s likeness.